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Do I need my PE for the manufacturing industry?

As a junior mechanical engineering student interested in the manufacturing industry, do I need my PE for this industry? I plan on taking my FE exam during my senior year and I'm just curious. Thank you! #mechanical #electro-mechanical #mechanical-or-industrial-engineering #mechanical-engineering #manufacturing-engineering

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2 answers

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Sam’s Answer

Hello Melvin,

No you don't. I have my PE license and I got it for personal development reasons. It was a personal goal of mine, but hasn't helped career-wise. Based on my experience, the best thing you can have is experience (time working on the job) with a proven history of completing projects on time and within budget.

Here are two ways to know whether or not you should get your PE license. First, look at job postings. Do they say a PE license is absolutely, definately, required or does the wording indicate that it is optional or preferred? My experience is that the wording lists a PE license as optional or preferred but not mandatory. Second, look at your coworkers. How many of them have their PE license? If they all do, then you should get your license because this indicates that it is valued by the company.

Getting a PE license is optional, but I would encourage you to get your license becauase it is something that can differentiate your resume from those of your peers when applying for a job and, at least in Texas, both the cost and the requirements for obtaining the license were significantly reduced one or two years ago.


I agree very much with what Sam has stated - what I will add is that is it very based on industry. Consulting firms, development, etc usually require PE or is highly valued. In my personal experience in the Oil and Gas Industry, most engineers do not have their PE. As Sam stated, it is a good way to differentiate yourself between competition, and if you find after a few years of working that it is not required you can always forgo renewal of your licence. I believe it is better to have it and find you don't need it - plus passing the exam is easier when the content is fresh rather than a few years into your profession. I hope this helped! Good luck with your studies! Josh. Joshua Montanez

Thanks a lot guys! Melvin Melvin S.

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Glenn S.’s Answer

As stated by Sam, PE is not required for most jobs in engineering. Typically the PE is required for jobs that deal with government regulations. Construction industry or Defense industry are 2 that come to mind. If you do enter a field that a PE is common, it will be in your best interest to get your PE and maintain it. In these areas, a PE will be a minimum requirement for advancement.

I have been in product development for consumer electronics and medical devices. In this area, a masters in engineering or in business would be a better choice for advancement.

Awesome. I've heard that a few times, that the PE is more related to gov jobs. Thanks again Glenn! Melvin S.

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