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Amit Nov 14, 2016 1197 views

For an undergrad freshmen students, how can they get internships in their related fields. Is it possible to get internship in the first year without any experience or broad knowledge?

I am an engineering student who want to make career in aeronautical engineering. I want to make my base strong and know as much as i can but the problem is i don't have much knowledge in this field. Also, i have heard we can get experience and practical knowledge from internships....

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Amit Oct 16, 2016 740 views

In favor of International students.There are many international students studying in US but due to expensive tuition fee,living and other expenses they have no other choice than to work off-campus.So how can they maintain their GPA or do well in study?

I am also an international student who wants to do something revolutionary in engineering field.But due to expensive tuition fee,other international students have to sacrifice their study and focus on work due to which they don't do good in their study.Study becomes second priority....

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Amit Oct 08, 2016 637 views

Do aliens exist?If,yes where?Or the technology advances too much and so that we can time travel and come in past to study and observe ourself?

i ama young boy who wants to study space engineering and travel in search of life. #aerospace-engineering #space #astrobiology