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Do aliens exist?If,yes where?Or the technology advances too much and so that we can time travel and come in past to study and observe ourself?

i ama young boy who wants to study space engineering and travel in search of life. #aerospace-engineering #space #astrobiology

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2 answers

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Elizabeth’s Answer

I personally believe that life in other planets exist but we should concentrate in life in our planet. Understanding it would probably answer many questions. There is more information about the space than our oceans. Most of our Oceans have-not being study and we need young talent to become scientist and help humanity with developing new technics and technology that help us to understand our oceans. We also need to take care of the oceans, and stop pollution, once we see how much life depends on it we can probably correct all mistakes we making today.

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Stephen’s Answer

I'm not sure if aliens exist; but, I would sure like to find out. And now is a great time to study science and study space. You should look at some of the work that SpaceX has done lately in their work being able to send rockets to space and then re using those rockets. They have plans to send people to the moon in the next few years and they even have plans to send rockets to Mars in the next decade.

So I'm not sure if aliens exist. But, now is a great time to want to study science and space.