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Caitlin V. Apr 13, 2016 1983 views

What is it like working for NASA on a day to day basis?

I am a fifteen year old sophomore in high school and I have always been fascinated in space technology and NASA, in general. My parents and I traveled to Washington D.C. about two years ago, and one of my favorite places was Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. I was completely blown...

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Tyler G. May 14, 2016 621 views

Will I get stuck in the Aviation industry if I get an internship at an aircraft company (i.e. Airbus, Boeing etc.)?

I am afraid that if I get a degree in Aerospace Engineering and I get an internship at an Aircraft Company, that I will only be qualified for Aviation engineering. I want to be employed with a company that focuses mostly on Astronautics and Spacecraft design. Will my degree be enough...

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Troy P. May 27, 2016 1183 views

Should I drop a difficult class I enjoy but find challenging and might negatively affect my G.P.A?

So, when I was younger I always thought I'd like physics and took a class this semester in college. I would love to learn the material, but had to drop it after it became apparent the class would negatively affect my G.P.A. Now I'm caught in a dilemma, do I take the class again next semester...

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Amina D. Jun 30, 2016 880 views

DIfference between BA and BS degrees?

I am an astronomy/physics major and am currently pursuing a BS degree. I would like to ultimately work in a scientific discipline and/or for the government, and was wondering if a BS degree makes a big difference from a BA? What kind of job would a BA physics degree candidate be able to have?...

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Sierra O. Oct 19, 2016 459 views

What are the best value colleges for an engineering degree?

I'd like to go to a good school for engineering (it doesn't have to be the best) and spend the least amount of money possible. What good schools are also affordable? Which ones are most likely to give me (a woman interested in aerospace engineering) the most scholarship money? #college...


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Brittany P. Oct 20, 2016 472 views

Would I be looked down upon for majoring in physics rather than engineering?

My school was visited by a recruiter for a college, but they only have Physics. I know this school would fit me well, and it would be relatively inexpensive, but I don't want to not be hired due to my major being physics rather than a specific type of engineering. #engineering #college-major...

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Shaye A. Oct 21, 2016 562 views

What are some study tips for engineering courses?

I know that studying engineering can be very difficult and time-consuming and that it will be very different than what I am used to in high school. I am looking for any studying tips and tricks to make my transition from high school courses to engineering courses as simple and painless as...


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Shafia L. Oct 23, 2016 705 views

What is like in the life of an aerospace engineer?

I'm interested in math and science, especially physics and an aerospace engineer is something that combines those subjects that I love. So I just wanted to know how is it like as an aerospace engineer. #physics...


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Alyssa S. Oct 23, 2016 594 views

Where in the United States are the top companies for aerospace engineer?

Google searches are very subjective by the companies all claiming to be the best. Any real employee can show me the truth. #engineering #electrical-engineering...


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Jaycie B. Oct 24, 2016 504 views

I'm interested in black holes. Is is better to go into Space Science or Planetary Science?

I always thought it would be planetary science, but now that I'm looking into them both more, I'm not sure. #astronomy #space...


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cynthia M. Oct 24, 2016 538 views

What are the funnest jobs in the stem fields?

unbiassed towards your favorite job, but funnest locations and jobs that provide lots of activities. #computer #engineering #stem #teachers #architects...


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Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 442 views

Aerospace Engineering is a tough field. Is it overwhelming at times? If so, how have you handled it? and would you recommend this route?

Aerospace engineering can be a daunting career, as it is intellectually challenging. I know that it can be time consuming, but I do not know to what extent. #engineering #experience #aerospace...


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Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 399 views

How did you decide which sector of aerospace engineering you wanted to pursue (aero or astro)?

Aerospace engineering can be a very broad career topic, but is split into two different tracks. Thinking about my career in aerospace engineering worries me that I will have difficulty deciding on my track. #engineering #experience #aerospace...


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Lucy S. Oct 24, 2016 599 views

What are some good colleges for aerospace engineering?

I want to pursue aerospace engineering, and I want to do what's best for my future. I know I can look at rankings online, but what aspects of colleges should I really be looking at to determine what's best for me? #engineering #experience #aerospace...


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Georgia M. Oct 24, 2016 676 views

Will I be able to work at NASA with a degree in physics?

My dream is to do research at NASA and I was wondering if majoring in Physics and getting a minor in astronomy would be a good idea. #physics #astronomy #space...