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Career Questions tagged Test Planning

RaeAnna’s Avatar
RaeAnna Jan 23, 2017 709 views

How to best use a planner in college?

In college there are so many methods to planning out your semester. How should I record school homework, assignment, projects, personal life, social life, and exercise in an organized and simple fashion? #organization #career-planning #test-planning #personal-assistant #college-organization

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 26, 2016 666 views

What are the best SAT and/or ACT prep programs there are?

A lot of people achieve success in many different ways but I think the way that will most benefit me is some sort of prep program that doesn't cost too much (otherwise I can't afford it) and it doesn't matter if it is in person or online. Either way I am looking for a prep program that will...

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 17, 2016 869 views

What are the pros and cons of the SAT and the ACT weighed against each other?

I believe that majority of universities and colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT but what are the differences between them? I also don't know which one would probably yield a higher score for me...should I take both and see? #sat #act #test-planning #cons #pros #high-school-tests

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 17, 2016 564 views

What are some good prep books and methods of study to get a really good score on the PSAT?

Next year I will be taking the PSAT as a preparation for the second time that I take the PSAT which will be in my junior year. I know that there are numerous benefits to taking the PSAT and scoring well on it. By a really good score I mean past the cutoff for the National Merit standard in...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 01, 2016 1038 views

What is the ACT like in terms of how the questions are formatted?

As a rising junior I am considering the ACT's but I wanted to know more about the test itself. I wanted to know if it is something I should take along with the SAT's. Any information about this college admissions test will be very helpful to me. #college #college-admissions #testing...