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What are the best SAT and/or ACT prep programs there are?

A lot of people achieve success in many different ways but I think the way that will most benefit me is some sort of prep program that doesn't cost too much (otherwise I can't afford it) and it doesn't matter if it is in person or online. Either way I am looking for a prep program that will help me get a really high score on the SAT or the ACT. Any advice is appreciated especially if the person themselves have gone through the program. #sat #high-school-students #act #test-planning #prep-programs #test-prep

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1 answer

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LuBeth’s Answer

The cheapest way to prepare for these tests is to take the practice tests online with the college board. Sign up for their daily questions and join groups online that are preparing for the tests. The next least expensive way to prepare is to purchase a College Board preparation book from any book store and study it.
There are many tutors that will help as well, but you will have to pay per hour. There are also many programs, one I am using is from, but there is also a cost.
The main point to the tests is to see if you can think critically and answer the questions quickly. Read the answers first and use common sense.
Blessings on your preparations and tests!