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Which test is more important to colleges the ACT or the SAT?

Asked Elkhart, Indiana

2 answers

Sam’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas
Hello Tyler, It 's not really the case that one test is more important than the other. It's just that you need to take the test that is required by the college/university for admission. So for example if the university requires SAT scores, then you must take the SAT exam. Sam

Alyssa’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Hi Sam,

Most colleges typically accept both test's scores. I would recommend taking both tests, and submitting the scores of whichever test you did better in. Since the tests are different in structure and question subjects, its common that you will do better in one test over the other. It's also important to know for sure that the colleges you're applying to accept both test scores versus one or the other.

Best of luck!