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Career Questions tagged Astronautics

Saban’s Avatar
Saban Jan 13, 2021 257 views

How much would it cost to build a hotel in space


madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 28, 2016 759 views

how do I become an astronomer?

I've always loved learning about stars, planets, black holes, gravitational waves, galaxies, any space stuff. but is this a practical career in any way? besides working for NASA, what viable paths are there for a degree in astronomy or astrophysics? is this something i should relegate simply to...

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler May 14, 2016 733 views

Will I get stuck in the Aviation industry if I get an internship at an aircraft company (i.e. Airbus, Boeing etc.)?

I am afraid that if I get a degree in Aerospace Engineering and I get an internship at an Aircraft Company, that I will only be qualified for Aviation engineering. I want to be employed with a company that focuses mostly on Astronautics and Spacecraft design. Will my degree be enough...