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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to go to college for graphic design and persue a career in graphic design at a successful company so that I can be creative and artistic while helping my clients' visions come to life.



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Bella Nov 08, 2023 361 views

I have five questions to ask so I just added them below:

How much did earning a high salary factor into your career choice and why? What factors influenced your college selection? Did you opt for on-campus or off-campus living? Could you share the advantages and disadvantages of both? How big of a student loan did you have to take out and how did...

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Bella Oct 15, 2023 877 views

How fast do you typically get work after getting a degree in graphic design?

Even if it depends on what you specifically do as a graphic designer, what would be examples of the job market for those things and how quickly you could get hired for it?

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Bella Oct 15, 2023 964 views

How hard is the schooling to be a graphic designer?

Is it mostly art classes, or are there other mathy or sciency classes you need other than the core classes?

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Bella Oct 06, 2023 465 views

How creative do you get to be as a graphic designer while still following your client's requests?

I am in 10th grade, and I have family members that are in graphic design so it has always interested me.