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I wanted to be accepted into a college that has high-quality programs in Computer Science so that I can direct my studies to my ideal career as an Software engineer in a local tech company

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Jiarong Mar 31 220 views

What is a life of a machine learning engingeer is like?

I have an interest to work as a software enginner and focus on areas like artificial intellgence and machine learning. However, I am wodering what specific tasks would an engineer do.

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Jiarong Jan 24 213 views

What are some essential skills you need to work as a software engineer for machine learning?

#engineering #machine learning #software #computer

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Jiarong Jan 24 226 views

What is the best part of working as a Machine Learning Engineer?

#software engineering #engineer #technology #machine learning

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Jiarong Nov 12, 2021 357 views

How do yo earn a master degree in Computer Science?

I am unsure whether you need to take an exam or write theoretical papers in order to get a master degree certificate in Computer Science.

#computer-science #programming #master degree #graduate program

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Jiarong Oct 06, 2021 355 views

While in college, how you prepare yourself to become a software engineer?

I am a High School Senior who has a strong passion in Computer Science and I am looking forward to become a Software Engineer. But I have a concern. According to Moore's law, "Computational progress will become significantly faster, smaller, and more efficient over time". I am worried that...

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Jiarong Sep 17, 2021 356 views

What are some important skills you need to work in the tech industry?

#technology #programming #engineering