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How do yo earn a master degree in Computer Science?

I am unsure whether you need to take an exam or write theoretical papers in order to get a master degree certificate in Computer Science.

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6 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi Jiarong, I am glad to know that you are interested in taking a master degree in Computer Science. I am not sure about your background. Do you have a bachelor degree in Computer Science as well.
In general, to enter the Master course of Computer Science, different colleges may have different entry requirements. Each of the colleges may have different application process. Some would decide on the candidates background, academic result, etc. Some may require interview process in addition.
Also, the master course can be a research degree, i.e. M Phil or instructor led degree, i.e. M Sc. It depends on what kind of the degree you would like to pursue. Would you like to do research on the topic you are interested and prepare the thesis at the end to obtain the degree? Alternatively, you would select a number of course to achieve the required the required credit to obtain the M Sc. The 2 modes are quite different. You may explore more on what you are interested.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Jason’s Answer

You don't have to worry about your subject matter when it comes to 'how' to earn you degree or level of degree.

Like myself you are in the U.S. so if you do you studies here, you'll have the same basic options.

spend two years studying and passing classes to earn a associates degree. (assuming you started with the goal of earning one)
spend 4 years dedicated to a bachelors degree or find a school that will let you apply your 2 year associate degree towards your bachelors and then just finish your classes from there. (sometimes you can finish in less then 4 years total this way. It depends on the schools you work with.)
after you have obtained your bachelors degree, most schools will let you apply to keep studying in your field of choice and earn a Masters degree. When I was looking into different master programs there wasn't anything special. Just take the required classes and pass with a proper GPA.
Usually the last level of further education is the doctorate or P.H.D. level of education. I think that is what you are really thinking of in your question.
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Zahid’s Answer

The steps you need to take when you apply for a master’s degree in computer science are as follows:

Choose a few universities you want to apply to
Review the university requirements
Send in the necessary application form
Prepare your supporting documents (transcript, diplomas, recommendation letters, etc)
Draft a personal statement or an essay for grad school
Complete the standardized tests (GRE for all students)
Complete any scholarship applications if applicable

After you send in your complete application, you will have to wait some time for the universities to process and review them. If you are pre-selected, you will be invited for an interview.

Following the interview, the university that accepts you will send you an offer and you can then choose to accept it or look into other offers.

Wanting a MS in Computer Science Without a CS Background may be a bit different. They may want you to take some foundation classes much like non-premed students will have to take some basic biology and chemistry classes. This is something that may vary college to college and will have to check with them to see what their requirements.
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Steve’s Answer

Typically, most universities don't require a thesis paper for a masters degree. Most likely, you will just need to complete advanced coursework and possibly take a capstone exam.

One of the best schools in the country for computer science is the Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. Check out their program via these links:

Good luck!
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Gerald’s Answer

To earn a master in Computer Science you can take the traditional route of earning your associate, bachelor and up to your master's degree etc..
You can also take a non-traditional route. There are a lot of technical schools that lets you earn college credits by taking most of the required computer science courses. Some schools will even allow you to count work related experience as credits you can use towards your master.
Don't forget you can do it all remotely and at your own pace. If this one of your goals, I would strongly encourage you to take the first step...go for it, you can do it.
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Mike’s Answer

There is no standard for a Masters of Science in Computer Science in terms of what the program must contain as far as I understand it. I did a program (at Brigham Young University) that required coursework plus a research thesis project and paper. There are some that just require coursework. Usually you'll need to have taken a certain set of undergraduate level CS courses ahead of applying to a program. Georgia Tech has an Online Master of Science in Computer Science ( that I've heard good thing about but I don't have any direct affiliation or experience with it.