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beast B.’s Avatar
beast B. Feb 28 137 views

how should i get into coding? what is the best coding language for jobs?

Hello, I am in University and I am interested in pursuing an occupation involving coding. I am not sure where to begin my journey and how/when to apply for jobs. I am unsure which is the best coding language to learn for successful jobs with a stable income. #coding #technology #computer-science

Ingrid H.’s Avatar
Ingrid H. Mar 01 185 views

Is switching majors in college okay?

Hello, I hear of a lot of people who switch majors in college. I have also heard that this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I would also like to hear from someone who has switched majors before, and ask if they thought it was the right thing to do. If so, when is it appropriate to do so and...

Nathan C.’s Avatar
Nathan C. Dec 18, 2021 339 views

As a high school student, what should I do to get an internship relating to computer science?

I've looked around the internet a bit but still have some questions, it seems like it is hard but somewhat feasible for a high schooler to land an internship. I would say I know python well and in school I am taking AP computer science where I am learning java. But my questions are what should...

Emma D.’s Avatar
Emma D. Dec 18, 2021 258 views

I need advice on what jobs I should look into if I have a bachelors degree in psychology. What are unique jobs to look into with this background that are do not require higher educations such as a Masters?

I just recently graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Legal Studies. I am a creative and outgoing person, so I want my job to match this. I also have struggled finding a job that does not require higher education or that pays an adequate enough amount. #psychology

Carmen L.’s Avatar
Carmen L. Dec 12, 2021 189 views

What are some college-level tech and medical internships?

High school senior planning for summer 2023! Preferably, in-person with hands on experiences. #internship #techfield #medicalfield #collegesummer #college

Charles W.’s Avatar
Charles W. Dec 15, 2021 127 views

What is the career ladder for this position?

Hi my name Is Charles I would like to see what the career ladder for a electrician looks like. #electrical-engineering #electrical #manufacturing

Paajcha Julie X.’s Avatar
Paajcha Julie X. Dec 16, 2021 805 views

What is being a remote worker like?

For those you of doing remote work, what is is like overall? 1. What kind of work do you do? (contractor, employee, etc.) 2. In regards to work hours, is it more flexible compared to working on site? 3. How are you compensated? (salary, commission, etc.) 4. What is the earning potential of...

Alondra A.’s Avatar
Alondra A. Dec 12, 2021 260 views

After I get into colleges, how do I pick the best one for myself?

I'm a senior who just applied to colleges and I am now waiting for acceptance letters, #college #college-selection #college-admissions

Alondra A.’s Avatar
Alondra A. Dec 12, 2021 159 views

Once I pick a college, what should I do?

Senior in high school. Currently waiting for acceptance letters. #college-advice #college-selection

Adrian G.’s Avatar
Adrian G. Dec 11, 2021 159 views

Where to go to create a resume or how to create one.

I am a high schooler that is interested in working #job-application