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Carmen L.

San Francisco, CA
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Carmen’s Career Goals

I want to get into a college (on the east coast) with programs that specialize in the intersection of health and technology! I also hope to take advantage of their study abroad opportunities!



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Carmen L. Dec 12, 2021 79 views

What are some college-level tech and medical internships?

High school senior planning for summer 2023! Preferably, in-person with hands on experiences. internship techfield medicalfield collegesummer...


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Carmen L. Dec 12, 2021 100 views

Which U. S. colleges have excellent tech and medical programs?

I'm a high school senior applying for colleges. Currently, I'm finishing up my last application, the Common App, and if there are colleges that fit the above criteria, please let me know! I'll gladly add them in my list. college college-admissions...


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Carmen L. Sep 26, 2021 160 views

What kind of careers involve both psychology and computer science?

I'm a high school student that has a variety of interests such as the medical field, psychology, computer science, and digital design. careers psychology computer-science...