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Jennifer P. Apr 08, 2014 1326 views

What are some good colleges that teach computer programming?

Keep in mind I have a 3.3 Gpa in high school. I want to be able to make a smart choice about what college i should go to that I can pay...

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Jamie W. Apr 30, 2014 3156 views

do you think it is smarter to go to community college first or to a university first?

i am going to college next year and i am just not quite sure which to pick #teaching #teacher #colleges #principal #friends #community...


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Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 2996 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

#professional #coaching #leadership #marketing #finance #personal-development #engineering #career #sales

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Shelana B. Jan 16, 2018 339 views

I transferred to my current school and I am almost finished with my classes. Great! Yay ...except I don't really have a relationship with the professors since i have only taken one class with them. How do I get recommendation letters from professors?

I am a senior graduating in Spring and i need recommendation letters from professors for application to med school and/or scholarships. Don't really know how to go about it when my classes are 400+ size. #senior #pre-med...


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Odalis D. Jan 16, 2018 269 views

Which are the best schools for an education major

I asking because want to know my options for when I start applying for colleges #college #teaching...


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Jeancarlo B. Jan 17, 2018 451 views

How should a computer science major keep up with the constant changes in the field and with technology itself ?

I'm a computer science major and I constantly hear about new strategies, programming languages, and technologies that are supposed to be the next big thing. It would be impossible to keep up with all of them, but, in order to stay up to date, how do I tell which new thing is the best to invest...

#programming #computer-software #tech #stem #technology

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Charles T. Jan 21, 2018 270 views

How do I decide what avenue of computer science I want to pursue?

I am a high school senior planning on majoring in computer science in college. However, there are an overwhelming amount of different computer science paths to take. If I am unsure about my computer science path will there be enough time in college for me to switch between computer science...


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Sofia A. May 24, 2018 288 views

How do I develop a relationship with my teachers?

I have always been an extremely quiet kid and #teacher #help #high-school I know I need to get to know my teachers better for help with homework and future recommend action letters, but I don't know how. #relationship-building #teaching #interpersonal-skills #communication...


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Hannah W. Jul 26, 2018 291 views
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Carson D. Jul 27, 2018 378 views

What level degree is needed in computer science?

I am unsure of what level of degree to pursue in computer science. Should I pursue a PhD and will it be worth the extra schooling? Or should I aim for a Bachelors Degree? #computer-science #degree #schooling...


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Martin B. Aug 21, 2018 182 views

How do I start makinrg friends at school?

What are the best ice breakers? #college...


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Odai I. Nov 08, 2018 1302 views

Dentistry or Computer engineering

Hello I was wondering what major is better (Makes more money, wouldn't need much time to find a suting job opportunity)etc.. I have 2 majors in mind (Dentistry & Computer engineering) I'd love Dentistry because of 1: I can make my own clinic 2: I am my own boss 3.I am pretty good in...

#computer-software #dentistry #computer #it #majors #computer-engineer #engineering #medicine