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I want to be a veterinarian because of my passion for animals and interest in medicine but also be involved in business.



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diety M. May 15 87 views

I really want to be a veterinarian, but I struggle a lot with science and math so can anyone give me advice on how to tackle this on.

I love animals, but I hate science and math. I am bad at both and have not had good teachers to help me with my trouble in it. I don't want this to stop me from pursuing my dream and making me regret not trying so is there anyone who has been in the same boat as me? I am very intimidated...

#veterinary #science #animals #career #veterinarian

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diety M. Aug 26, 2018 203 views

Does switching majors cost more money?

I heard from many can't choose their majors right away and change them many times. Do you have to pay each time you decide to switch or is it free? #majors...


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diety M. Aug 26, 2018 197 views

What is the best university for majoring in business?

currently I have really been interested in the idea of business and can see it in my future but I don't know what university would be the best option #business...