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Hello. This post is connected to my previous questions that I've asked. How exactly do I start blogging? I gave a couple of things that I'm interested in such as travelling, writing, nutrition, I enjoy watching cartoons, etc . But what would be the step to step process for starting a blog?....Getting it out there?....etc.

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4 answers

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Kristel’s Answer

Blogging is a lot of fun. One of the first crucial steps, is to determine what you want to blog about. Remember, the key to being successful in blogging is consistency. What can you talk about everyday? Travel can be difficult, if you're not on the go everyday. Culture on the other hand is easier, bc you can find something to talk about every day. What ever you choose make sure you have a lot of content to share. Check out some of your favorite bloggers and take notes on what you like about their blogs. Is it the layout? Is it the number of pictures? If you're loving it, others will as well. Good luck!
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Jamie’s Answer

Hello Mercedes,
Why not Blog about it all! Don't pigeon hole yourself into one topic. Find a theme, style or thread of perspective that can tie all of the topics together.
See this great Blog example that has grown into a full E-commerce Platform
Michael's answer has come great advice and Blog Platforms included. You can also look at Tumbler and Medium. Both have Phone Apps that you can utilise on the go to contribute to your Blog. Have you also considering V-logging? Which is Blog Posts that are recorded on video. They can help engage your audience on specific topics if you are so inclined. Be patient with yourself as you develop your Blog Tone and Voice. And don't get caught up in every post having to be perfect. Happy blogging!!
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Brandon’s Answer

There are a lot of websites with templates that can help you get starting in blogging. These templates can be free while others may cost money to use.

With blogging you want to really enjoy what you are talking about. Normally, you would should have a passion for what you are going to be blogging about or an interest at the least. Practice coming up with some topics that you want to talk about and post on your blog before you get it started.

Involving blogging about "watching cartoons" (or any media similar to that), I would advise you to create a terms a service page where you lay out the rules of your blog. In the terms of service, try to find blogs that may have a similar theme to the blog that you are trying to make and look at their terms of services. Use that as an example and make your own so you can protect your work from being posted somewhere else.
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David’s Answer

This is a great question. I am blogger myself. I have two blogs, one were I cover college track and field along with another blog that I use to review films. Perhaps the first thing you want to do is determine what type of blog you would like to have and also if you only want one. There is not a limit to how many blogs you can handle but try not to do more than three, you have to maintain all of them. If you would like to do a personal blog were it is simply an online diary for others to view you may simply just place down your thoughts. If it is a specific topic, I would suggest writing out a plan. Ideas you want to write about, put together a schedule and follow through. The process is totally in your hands. You can create a blog on, which I found to be the easiest place to start a blog. Best of luck to you.