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What are the Do's and Don'ts of Culinary?

I would appreciate some tips from experienced cooks that would be useful in the field or good information to know.

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2 answers

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Pavan’s Answer

Hi Darnell,

Culinary is a whole entire universe....and what makes it great is every person has a dedicated full-blown universe that is custom-built for them... so do not be afraid to push the boundaries...

That said start here are some basics that I believe will get you a seat at the table in everyone's universe :)

1. DO NOT use more flame than your dish need. This will get you going a long way if you learn early when and how much flame you need and use as you cook.
2. DO NOT serve a "New Recipe" to your guests, no matter how convinced you are that you nailed it

enough of DO NOTs
1. Always lead with Aroma, Color to draw people and raise their appetite. That's more than half the story.

Good luck.

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Jennie’s Answer

Don't go to school, unless you have a scholarship. Pick a food establishment you like and admire, and get a job there. Always remember you are in hospitality. Be a kind chef and a team player. Always be thinking of "specials" - how to SELL what's leftover. Be clean and on time. Wear proper shoes and look sharp when you show up to work each day. Work you way up from dishwasher. Be helpful. Enjoy each day sharing food and spreading love.

Jennie recommends the following next steps:

get an entry level job
cook for friends and family - do pop ups and dinner parties
don't be a diva chef
share food, spread love
never run out of food