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What were some entrepreneurial classes that helped you through your journey?

My cousin focused on taking classes related to business & finance while in high school. He also joined clubs dealing with entrepreneurship. So what did you do? #business #finance #entrepreneurship #social #classes #entrepreneur #clubs #focused

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3 answers

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Alyssa’s Answer

Probably the most beneficial class for me was one that focused on creating your business plan. It really helped me seriously consider all aspects of the business, not just the finances, but how much time was spent on paperwork and other tasks, what partners I needed, a very in depth SWOT analysis, and so on. Putting that much thought in your business and producing a fully formed business plan, I believe, is one of the key indicators to success.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Britney!

You are embarking on a very interesting and ambitious journey, which others have successfully traveled, and you can too!

One person who can help you locate such information is the alumni relations person at your high school. He/she can help you locate graduates of your school who have successfully created their own businesses similar to the one which you might want to create, so you can learn from them.

There is an organization called SCORE## https://www.score.org/ ## which is a part of the Small Business Administration and is comprised of retired executives who volunteer their time to help people develop their own businesses. They offer workshops and can provide information that may be helpful.

Many people who ended up with their own business actually started working in someone else's business that was similar to the one that they wanted to start (without telling the person of their intention to start a business) , and by being the best employee possible, became the owner when the person was ready to retire or leave the business. You would be surprised how many times that happens. By following this method, you learn what made them successful without having to make the mistakes that they made along the way in the development of the business.

Please let me know if you feel that these suggestions are helpful. I would like to help you along in your journey. Please keep me informed. Best of luck. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Ara’s Answer

While it's important to take classes and understand finance, marketing, etc., I found the most important skills to learn during both my college years and early years in the corporate business world is interpersonal communications and relations. To me, business is about relationships... you interact with customers and clients, with suppliers, with employees and even with your competition. While we are becoming more tech-savvy, the need to effectively communicate with others is critical.

So while you take all the required and elective courses, make sure you make time to interact and learn from those around you. Build your interpersonal skills - both oral communications and written. Business is rooted in people and so you need to be able to interact with people. Regardless of the college courses, I focused on the "people" aspects and found that going deeper into case studies and learning about the why people do what they do, how they do it, and the communication that surrounds that situation is most important.

Someday, as a successful entrepreneur and business owner, you will need to negotiate with suppliers, instruct your employees on what to do, promote and sell your product or service to your customers. All of this requires strong verbal and written communication skills.