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Career Questions tagged Sophomore

Eboni’s Avatar
Eboni Dec 08, 2022 302 views

How often should I reach out to my Academic Advisor ?

I think it is a great idea for me to establish great communication with my Academic Advisor so I can keep on taking the necessary course for my degree. Not only that but I have been given great personal and professional advice and resources. I don't want to overstep my boundaries by asking a...

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Dec 08, 2022 314 views

How do I find the right college majors to study as a high school student?

What are some ways to determine which college major I want to study in college as a high schooler, especially under the pre-med or medical branch?

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Jul 12, 2022 276 views

Course shifting

Can I still shift courses in 2nd year of college even if i have 2 failing marks?

Samruddhi’s Avatar
Samruddhi Mar 04, 2021 794 views

Should I take Honors Organic Chemistry and AP Chemistry together?

I will be going into 11th grade next year, and I'm interested in going into Pre-Med. Here is my schedule for next year: Hon. Pre-Calc w/ Trig AP US History AP English 3 Hon. French IV AP Chemistry String Orchestra (Gym) I have space for 1 elective, so I was wondering if it would be better to...

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Oct 26, 2020 293 views

Whats it like working with a lot of teeth

#sophomore #dentist #doctors

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Aradhana Jul 17, 2020 311 views

What are some best ways to study during a quarantine?

#college #JULY20 #sophomore

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Mar 17, 2018 5254 views

Can a student recover from failing a college class?

How many classes can a student fail before they are not able to succeed? Can a student recover from a few failed classes after retaking them and getting a better grade? What happens when you take a class that cannot be retaken because it is above 3000, but you need it to succeed? Can I...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Sep 02, 2017 695 views

How do you balance college, work (full or part-time) and still be able to hangout with friends/family?

I am a sophomore in college, and I am struggling with balancing these three things. College and work seem to consume my whole day, every day.
#College #sophomore #marine-biology #struggle #part-time-job #NoSocialLife #work-life-balance

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Jan 02, 2017 849 views

Can you take an AP exam without taking the class?

I honestly am not interested in AP I am more interested in IB however I do want to utilize the time that I can to accumulate as much college credit as possible. So while I am in sophomore year, still in pre-IB is it possible, with study, to take an AP exam and maybe score high enough to get...

Aye Marie’s Avatar
Aye Marie May 22, 2016 840 views

Am I better off declaring a major as soon as I enter college or waiting until the end of sophomore year?

I am an international student starting an US college in Fall this year and I want to know if there are better advantages for one option or the other! #college #major #freshman #sophomore

Kyana’s Avatar
Kyana May 21, 2016 834 views

Did you love or hate your college experiemce?

were you that kid that went to every event, or the kid that stayed in their dorm. Did you have friends, join a team, or joined a club? Did you love or hate your college experience? #graduate #sophomore #junior

Makenna’s Avatar
Makenna May 18, 2016 736 views

What are some helpful tips for dorm life in college?

Would like some help because I've never lived in a dorm before #college #sophomore #alumni

Morrigan’s Avatar
Morrigan Apr 15, 2016 1030 views

How many years of college do you need to complete to become a social worker?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am interested in becoming a social worker because I want to work with children and give back. Do you need to get your bachelor's and your master's or just your bachelor's? Also what is it like to be a social worker? #social-work #high-school #social-worker...