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Can you take an AP exam without taking the class?

Asked La Verne, California

I honestly am not interested in AP I am more interested in IB however I do want to utilize the time that I can to accumulate as much college credit as possible. So while I am in sophomore year, still in pre-IB is it possible, with study, to take an AP exam and maybe score high enough to get credit for it? #high-school-classes #ap #high-school-students #sophomore #advance-placement

1 answer

Ashley’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Well you can try to take the AP exam without having to take the full class . Although , it would be much difficult to take an AP exam without the class . Although , there are AP study books on certain subjects that you can study from and try to pass that way . Or you can maybe look on online free study guides with the subject to help you study and learn the material. I would overall say that there can be a possibility in scoring high enough on the AP exams to get credit if you do study, understand , and the know the subject well. Although , I do recommend in taking the AP class.

Thank you for the advice Ashley! I'll be sure to take this into account!