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Why are some good tips I could use to become a singer?

I'm wondering what're some good tips I could use to help me with my singing . #singer #singing #singers-career #performing-arts

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Tracy is right. Find your voice without strain. Lip rolls are the best. I did this for five years myself. I couldn’t sing without this technique. Now I can sing on five octaves. Brett Manning you can watch a vocal demonstration on You Tube. Bret Manning vocal range demo. He doesn’t shove his tequnique in your face. I avoid instructors who say: pitch and diaphragm a lot. I don’t hero worship and singer any more, that I can see their neck veins stand out when they sing.

Haley Williams of Paramore is a student of this. Listen to some of her old and new songs. You will notice the difference. Stop talking during the day, is the best advice I could give to any singer. Your vocal cords are precious. Talk as little as possible.

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Tracy’s Answer

Hey! Great question. Correct singing technique is everything. Strong breath support is the basis of all good sound production. As well, you want your sound to be produced naturally, and not forced. The best way to learn the correct ways to do this is to find a voice teacher. You want someone whose voice you like!! number one. Pay attention to how they sing. If there is any strain in their neck? Does their sound strike you as full, rich and healthy? There are a LOT of Youtubes teaching vocal technique. You want to be really careful using those. Basically, you should breath from down deep in your belly, letting the ribs expand and filling the lungs with air. Now hiss the sound out on an "s". You will feel your breath support engage. You always want to be using this when you sing. Whitney Houston uses GREAT technique. But don't try to sound like her! Just listen to how she produces the sound cleanly through her masque (sinus bones in your face). You want to find YOUR voice, without strain. If you have a choir in your school or place of worship, Join it! Your choir director will be a trained musician who can give you more advice.