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Career Questions tagged Kpop

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Oct 08, 2022 438 views

How can I become a background dancer for k-pop groups like BTS?

I recently got into k-pop and I already love the dances and the techniques. I would like to be a background dancer for k-pop groups. How do I get started and how do I audtion for companies like Big hit, JYP, YG, or SM?

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Oct 03, 2022 415 views

How do you become a K-pop idol?

I am an african american and I know that it would be hard for me to become a K-pop idol since it is mostly asian represented. But it really is my dream to become an idol. I practice dancing and singing everyday. I have also started to study and learn the language. I plan on working hard no...

sravani’s Avatar
sravani Jun 18, 2021 364 views

i want to become a kpop idol but i live in india

#k-pop #kpop #music #singing
i want to become a kpop idol

yuri’s Avatar
yuri Sep 22, 2020 2120 views

i want to audition to be a K-pop idol but I don't know how my parents are gonna take it? what should I do?

I am 13 years old and my parents are pretty acceptyinh but i dont know if they will let me. #kpop

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Nov 06, 2017 1677 views

Am I able to become a k-pop idol if even if I have no genetic Korean background?

I can't sing, but I am very good at rapping about random things. My mom says I rap too much in the grocery section of the supermarket, she just doesn't understand being a k-pop idol is my destiny. I'm Mexican but I can make m-pop happen.
#k-pop #kpop #m-pop #mpop #music-production #music-production