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How do you become a K-pop idol?

I am an african american and I know that it would be hard for me to become a K-pop idol since it is mostly asian represented. But it really is my dream to become an idol. I practice dancing and singing everyday. I have also started to study and learn the language. I plan on working hard no matter what it takes. I would like to know what companies would accept african american idols.

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1 answer

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James’s Answer

Hello there, here are some suggestions:
1. Working to become a Western Pop Idol.
2. Working to become a Virtual Idol.
3. Working to become a part of a start-up Western Idol group.

Let's break these down now.

Kpop has no doubt become a top player in the music industry, to the point it could be considered Kpop-mania. However, and this is the bitter truth, you have a very, very, very small chance to become indoctrinated into the Kpop Idol Culture. You can dress, talk, and act like your favorite Kpop Idol; you can make music and dance just like them, and you can learn their language to fluency, you can even move to their country, but you will most likely not be considered "one of them". If you do manage to make it, the road will be nothing short of perilous and downright foolish. I don't mean to crush your dreams, but this is a fact better learned now as many upon many starry-eyed artists and talents have sought this dream before and most, if not all, have ended the same - they were rejected due to cultural and racial issues. This is, however, not where you should give up but think differently.

If you cannot become a Kpop Idol you have three options: become a Western Pop Idol, become a Virtual Idol, or become a member of a start-up Idol group.

The term "idol" has some similarities to the modern western pop star definition. They dance, sing, and make music, but also represent a kind of figure that one aspires, inspires, and desires to be. Simply put, just becoming a pop star ought to be the most straightforward solution, relatively speaking. If you learn the moves and grooves, and the language, well then you're well on your way to become the first self-defined african american Kpop artist, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Alternatively, if you are looking to be apart of a group then these next two solutions will be your best bet.

Becoming a Virtual Idol should be your best bet into not only entering the respective asian cultural sphere, but also fulling you dream of being apart of the idol culture. While there is so much to be said about the Virtual world, I will instead leave some Virtual Idol companies you can take a look into: Vshojo, Hololive, Nijisanji, Phase Connect, Tsunderia, and many more. While not specifically Korean(for reasons I myself am unsure of) they fulfill the criterion of the modern Idol. You will have many of the things you could wish for: you will have the opportunity to sing and dance on a stage, you will have the opportunity to have "meet-and-greets", you will have the opportunity to be apart of a group and setting that will help nurture your growth as an Idol. WITH the acception that you will be 95% virtual(minus 5% due to certain exceptions). Best of all, you can be whatever race/ ethnicity you were born! Simply search Vtuber/Virtual Idol on your search engine and you will find more details.

If you remain set on your vision then it will be up to you, or another to establish a successful Western Kpop Idol group. I say western because the west is typically more accepting of unique individuals and personalities. And a Kpop group founded in the west is nothing short of lightning in a jar - just what the west likes. The road to this is all similar to becoming a pop star, except with more like minded individuals.

I may be biased towards one solution, but that is purely because that is my best advice as someone who is familiar with the way the entertainment industry works. Some solutions are easier to manage than others, and there are reasons many fail trying, not because they gave up but because they weren't accepted enough to warrent success. Sometimes, people are ahead of their time and must realize and come to recognize what the world is ready for.

That aside, it is your choice and your life, "never say never" as they say. As such, here are some suggestions to get you started on whichever path you choose...

James recommends the following next steps:

Consider starting a Youtube Channel. Don't worry about views, instead, focus on documenting yourself as these companies love auditions and references.
Start a social media page. Please be mindful of who and what you follow if you are a minor. But use whatever platform you choose as a place to network and see what the latest trends are to boost your growth.
Consider lessons to boost your growth as a singer and dancer. Whether you choose a teacher or not you should always do two things regardless: be able to sing a scale, and dance in front of a mirror. These are 100% necessary as you will greatly improve on your own if you do these things.
Research into companies. Every company has a different set of values. Look into them to see which ones match yours the most and apply.
Thank you comment icon This was super helpful, thank you! maddie