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i want to become a kpop idol but i live in india

k-pop kpop music singing
i want to become a kpop idol

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2 answers

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Neha’s Answer

Well, if you are really interested in music and want to be a K-POP idol, you can always try and be an Indian version of the same. There are several reality shows in India, which you can go for if you want to get noticed via those platforms. If you like composing, you can start composing and publishing your own music online via soundcloud/youtube/etc. You can join facebook or any other social media groups for people interested in music, and who play instruments, to form your own band/group. You can then start recording songs with them. There are several ways to go about it if you are truly passionate, don't let the fact that you are from India limit you. Several stars and bands have come out of hard work on social media platforms, including 2 of my friends from college. They faced a lot of struggle, but they have an established band today. They did not give up, and fought to get the right opportunities.

Good luck!
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Digant’s Answer

Hi Sravani,

My suggestion is write down a map, starting from "where you want to be" and draw it backwards till you reach the point where you feel is you can start from.

For example a KPOP star would have his/her album/Song in top 10 list. If that is the Goal then make a chart like Song in top 10 <- Many songs creation <- Learn how to produce Good, creative, original music, <- Learn the basics of Music production on Youtube / udemy <- Download A Digital Audio Workstation ( like FLStudio) even only free version to start with <- Get a working Laptop <- etc. so on and so forth.

If you would like I can suggest few ways to start on music production with any prior knowledge or training in Music.

Hope this helps !!