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Deana A. Aug 02, 2019 693 views

What policy jobs can I get without an MPP?

I just finished a summer program in public policy, and discovered that while I love the topic, I'm not a big fan of how it is taught in MPP programs. What kind of jobs in public policy can I get without a degree? If I want to do policy advocacy, should I go ahead and pursue the degree? policy...

masters-degree career job public-policy

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Deana A. Dec 18, 2018 401 views

How do I learn about public policy as a social work student?

I'm interested in doing public policy and community organizing in the future, but I'm currently a social work student. There are only 2 classes about policy for social work, and I completed one with not a lot learned. I am pursuing a political science minor, but there are no classes on policy...

political-science social-work politics social-justice policy

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Deana A. Jun 22, 2018 416 views

What can I do to prepare for a career in Public Policy?

I am currently in the social work program at my college, with a minor in political science. There are only 3 classes in public policy available at my school, which I plan to take in the next 3 years. I am interested in macro social work and social policy. What can I do as a college student with...

school public-policy social-work government

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 484 views

What is it like working in public policy?

I am getting a degree in social work, but my interest lies in the macro side of the profession. I was looking at getting a degree in public policy after I finish undergrad, but I'm not sure what exact jobs there are in public policy. What skills are taught? Would I work for a company or for a...

political-science social-work mpp graduate-school public-policy policy

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 424 views

How to Get Out the Vote?

Have any professionals been involved in civic engagement? I want to get more young people on my college campus involved in voting and the political process, and I would love to draw on you experiences. I'm a member of the College Democrats, Ignite, AAUW, and SGA; all of these organizations are...

political-science college politics civic-engagement voting social-media civics

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Deana A. May 24, 2018 405 views

What specific skills do I need to be a community organizer?

Right now I am a social work major with a minor in political science at a university in Texas. I want to go into community organizing in the local area, and in the future in other areas. I have a broad idea of what a community organizer does, but I would love to get firsthand information about...

political-science social-work community-organizing community

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Deana A. Feb 13, 2018 455 views

How can I fundraise professionally?

I was offered a scholarship to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders, but it only offers tuition. I will be responsible for paying for my transportation, as well as another conference prior to this. I would appreciate advice for asking for funding from...

fundraising conference college money

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Deana A. Jan 09, 2018 478 views

How do I create my own internship opportunity?

This summer I want to pursue an internship in government or nonprofits. In my local area there aren't a lot of opportunities for me, a first year college student. What would be the best way to approach some of the places and people I am interested in working with to create my own internship...

nonprofits social-work internships experience civic-and-social-organization government community-outreach

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Deana A. Nov 29, 2017 660 views

Can I get advice on social work and politics?

Right now I am pursuing a bachelors degree in Social Work. I am also pursuing a minor in public administration and a certificate in community resource management. Recently I have become interested in politics and local government. If I do eventually run for office or pursue a local government...

social-work political-campaigns local-government politics government

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Deana A. Jul 14, 2017 1724 views

Clubs vs Internships Freshman year of college

I'm an incoming freshman for this fall, and the college I am attending has so many opportunities. To the professionals and former college students, I wanted to ask: is it more important to get involved in clubs and organizations my first year on campus, or should I be pursuing more professional...

career-decisions college internships college-advice

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Deana A. Apr 26, 2017 6939 views

Master's in Public Administration vs Master's in Social Work

I plan to get my bachelor's degree in social work with a focus on community organization and nonprofit managment. I want to work with nonprofit programs and government programs in the future, and I would on e day love to start my own nonprofit organization. Would it be more beneficial for me to...

nonprofits nonprofit-management social-work public-administration public-service social-services

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Deana A. Jan 15, 2017 813 views

What are the negative aspects of graduating from university early?

I plan to attend the University of North Texas in the fall. After going over a course plan that I found for my major, social work, I realized that I will not be spending 4 years there. I have accumulated enough AP and dual credit hours to graduate in 3 years if I take 15 hours each semester. My...

social-work college undergraduate university graduation

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Deana A. Dec 07, 2016 1139 views

What does a first job represent?

I'm a high school senior looking for a part time position as my first job. Should a first job like this be focused on whatever is available, or should it connect to the career I want to pursue in the future. For context, I want to work as a macro social worker in the future, but there are few...

social-work retail career job-search social-services

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Deana A. Dec 07, 2016 661 views

What is the best way to get into writing articles?

I want to begin submitting my writing to independent zines and magazine style websites that feature writers, but I do not know where to begin. Do you have any advice on where I can find people to write for, as well as how to become a better writer? Thank you! journalism writing...

creative-writing online-journalism magazines editorial-writing

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Deana A. Jul 28, 2016 800 views

Any experience with Americorps?

After I get out of college, I am considering joining Americorps and becoming a Vista becore getting a Master's in Social Work. Do you have any experience or advice for me about Americorps? Do you think this path would be beneficial in the career I am pursuing? psychology jobs social-work...

volunteering nonprofits non-profits non-profit