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Career Questions tagged Civic And Social Organization

Augusta I.’s Avatar
Augusta I. Jan 19, 2018 548 views

How to successfully fundraise for a school club?

I would like to help my club afford attending different conferences. We are a club centered around STEM majors. We don't know the ins and outs of being sponsored by companies/raising money for the organization. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice. Thank you. college university...

stem money sponsorship organization fundraising women-in-tech civic-and-social-organization student-clubs non-profit-organization-management

Deana A.’s Avatar
Deana A. Jan 09, 2018 475 views

How do I create my own internship opportunity?

This summer I want to pursue an internship in government or nonprofits. In my local area there aren't a lot of opportunities for me, a first year college student. What would be the best way to approach some of the places and people I am interested in working with to create my own internship...

nonprofits social-work internships experience civic-and-social-organization government community-outreach