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What is it like working in public policy?

Asked Denton, Texas

I am getting a degree in social work, but my interest lies in the macro side of the profession. I was looking at getting a degree in public policy after I finish undergrad, but I'm not sure what exact jobs there are in public policy. What skills are taught? Would I work for a company or for a city? If you have any insight, please share!

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Emily’s Answer

Updated West Linn, Oregon

Hello Deana,

I hope you're still considering a rewarding career in public policy. Great entry level jobs in public policy would be as a state level legislative staff member. Often, these offices provide internships as well. This is a good place to start to learn about policy, and oftentimes, work on passing legislation for your office. Additionally, most state level associations, large businesses (Nike/ Intel), and medical groups have a government affairs team. In these positions, you focus on policy that will impact your particular employer. For example, a national non-profit focuses on preventing teacher misconduct in K-12 education. They have example policy and work with all 50 states to try to pass legislation that keep students safe . You could work on creating policy, implementing it within a government agency, or even work as a lobbyist to advocate in favor or opposition to policy. City staff work on local policy- that is another great place to start.

Emily recommends the following next steps:

  • Ask for informational interview with your city manager. Ask them what the staff role is on local policy- how this is developed, what type of public outreach there is.