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What kinda of job can you get with a Health science degree?

I've always had an interest in the healthcare field and I keep on switching my mind on what I would like to be. #medicine #biology #healthcare #chemistry

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3 answers

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Scott’s Answer

I work in the health insurance and health services industry and I will tell you we have every career type available. I started with a general business degree and ended up in technology field but the healthcare industry has every field from general business to technical to clinical. With a health science degree all field are on the table except MD and RN. Good luck

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Dr Julian’s Answer

There are many things you can do with a health science degree.
You can work in research investigating new therapies for cancer or
diabetes. You could work in public health and help to control the
spread of Zika or other illnesses. You could work for the government
to create laws to help people understand how to better take care of their health.
Your options are almost limitless.
Good luck.

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Barbara-Ann’s Answer

Usually it's a degree before a professional degree, but you can get a medical or pharmaceutical sales position, healthcare administration, medical billing or health care informatics. Some of theses positions may require advanced studies.