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What are quality a doctor should have?

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3 answers

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Estelle’s Answer

These are what I consider the most important qualities for doctors to have (from feedback talking with my own patients and from personal experience seeking medical care)
1. Patience: they need to be patient with their patients
2. Listen Carefully: this means actively engaging with the patient, listening to what they have to say
3. Compassion: it is a very hard journey to become a doctor, and it is very hard to be a doctor, sometimes. It is important that you have a drive to care for people. This will be a powerful motivator when you find yourself frustrated by challenges that come along the way
4. Hard working: like #3, it is very hard to become and practice as a physician. Our patients' health rests in our hands, so having the work ethic to do well in school, residency, and stay educated on the evolving science of medicine is vital to being a good doctor

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Denise’s Answer

They need to be able to listen to their patient, empathize with them, think about how scared they might be, how to help them be more confident in their health care, should educate their patients about their problems and provide them with ways they can help themselves.

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David’s Answer

Medical doctors need to be smart enough to understand the knowledge needed to treat patients safely and effectively. Those clinicians that plan to have direct interaction with patients need listening skills and empathy as well.