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What careers are options for me if I'm interested in an Interdisciplinary Ph. D. in English Literature and Psychology?

I'm very interested in both studies and think they complement each other well. #psychology #literature #doctorate

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2 answers

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Frankly, I have NEVER heard of any graduate level programs in both psychology and English Literature.

The typical humanities doctoral program candidates take over 10 years to degree completion. Job prospects for the humanities is abysmal in today's job market. You can check with the Chronicle of Higher Education (Chronicle.com).

It takes on average 5-6 years for the completion of a doctoral level program in psychology. Admission to these programs is highly competitive.

Clinical psychology programs are THE most competitive. Clinical psychology is not the most lucrative, from an annual salary perspective. I-O psychologists and consulting psychologists are generally among those with the highest salary. Another resource for you is www.apa.org

I wish you the best in the decision making process with your future educational pursuits.

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Susi’s Answer

For Psychology PhD, the most common and most lucrative career would be as a clinical psychologist. With the English lit degree, the most likely career would be as a professor.