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Medical Jobs that you never get bored of

I'm interested in becoming a doctor, but I don't know what specialty.
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4 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Maria! Being a doctor is definitely interesting, even being on the path to becoming a physician is also interesting! Currently my brother is in Psychiatry, he finished medical school and is in residency. For the first year he'll be interning and currently is helping with the pandemic, however he did enjoy Psychiatry rotations during medical school. I think there are a lot of different specialities and with experience and your overall personality you will get a sense of which speciality you prefer. In your last two years of medical school (out of 4 total) you will be in electives and will be doing rotations in different specialities. That will give you an idea of what each speciality requires in addition to whether you will enjoy it or not. My sister is in surgical electives and is interested in doing surgery in the future; she likes a high paced environment and critical thinking and with many surgeons one is mostly on the move for long hours. You can also shadow different specialities which is highly recommend and even required for premed students before applying to medical school; this can give you a sense of what you like to do. For example, I like pediatrics, but volunteering in the ER I also enjoyed seeing diversity among patients and being on my feet, there is even a pediatric ER so that could be something I could do in the future. Also it could be the type of patients you'd like to work with and the specific cases, maybe oncology interests you, or working with kids or the elderly, maybe you like to be on the analytical side of medicine and not have too much interaction with actual procedures and therefore could pick radiology or pathology. There are many options but for now I would recommend to keep up your good grades and try to get experience with shadowing and volunteering (it may be difficult with COVID but keep it in mind for later on), then when you are in medical school you will get a better sense of which speciality you prefer. I hope this helps!

Best of luck!
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Gisselle’s Answer

Hi there! Have you ever considered the Dental Field? Becoming a dentists takes about 8 years and from many dentists I have spoken to the years go by fast and it is all worth it in the end. You have a more flexible schedule being a dentist where as other doctors are not so fortunate to have, so that is definitely a pro. I have a local friend who is a dentist and she spoke with me that there is no required major for dental school which is very nice so it definitely gives you more flexibility to take other things that may peak your interest like psychology, business, etc. There are many opportunities in the dental field such as general dentist, pediatric dentist, orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, and etc. Being in the dental field has many great qualities to consider and I hope this helped! If you need anymore information here is a great website to use dentist/#:~:text=Dentistry%20is%20a%20service%20oriented,to%20eat%20and%20speak%20properly.
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Amina’s Answer

The medical field is a vast one there are so many specialities in medicine ranging from paediatrics and neonatal care ie caringfor children, surgery corrective,plastic and cosmetic,dentistry and ophthalmology also dealing with teeth and eyes respectively, then gynaecology that deals with women health,ENT that deals with ear,nose and throat,to internal medicine and infectious diseases to mention but a few. If you want to pick one to specialise in you may have to know the particular field you are most passionate for instance if its the idea of children and nurturing then neonatal medicine will suit you better,or if you would like to improve the quality of people's life through surgical means then a branch of surgery will suffice.
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Madiha’s Answer

I personally believe Dentistry is a good field.
Reasons for Dentistry:
- Personal experience with pediatric dentist
- Working with hands
- Life long patient relationships
- Improving peoples overall health
- Set own hours / Not on call
- Run a business
- No stress of life/death decisions

As someone else said earlier, dentistry has the perfect combination of all these things. The only other medical specialties, that i can think of, that would qualify for all of these would be ophthalmology and dermatology. And even then, you will probably not have all the above, especially right out of school.

And lets be honest... to go into medicine for the only intent of doing derm/ophtho would be very foolish. There are very few residency spots and you have to be the top 5% of students to get them.

Considering these things, then you add on not having to do a residency, variety of procedures, and an uncapped earning potential... dentistry is the clear winner.