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What are some things to do to prepare for applying to JD/PHD programs?

-What research experience/internships would be helpful?
-How important is networking when applying to graduate programs?

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2 answers

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Serge V.’s Answer

Hi Margot,

Below is a link from Yale Law School. Very interesting article. I think this can lead you to your answers. I hope this is beneficial to you.



Thank you Serge! Margot R.

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Mary’s Answer

I went to law school. In order to gain admissions into law school, like any other college, you want a well rounded application. Seek out letters of recommendation from people in the legal field, if you know alumni from that school specifically, that's helpful. Seek out internships/volunteer roles in the legal field. If you have employment in the legal field, show that as well. Most importantly, prepare for and score well on the LSAT. The LSAT is seen as a direct indicator of your likelihood of passing the bar exam. No school will take you on if it appears you will struggle with the bar exam. Put all of that together and get those apps in! Good luck!