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Whats the salary of a Doctor?

I am a student at Abraham Lnicoln and I am in the process of exploring careers. My name is Hector Gomez, I am interested in being a Doctor specifically working with teeth. #doctor #nursing #dentist #doctorate

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2 answers

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Jared’s Answer

There are also many different kinds of dentists. The previous poster answered your question very directly so I will just add to it. A dentist requires 4 years of undergraduate work (Freshman-Senior years of college) and 4 years of dental school. Dental schools are EXTREMELY competitive and the required classes you must take in order to apply to dental school are very hard science classes like Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Physics I&II, Biochemistry, and others. I am not telling you to deter you, I am only saying that please please do what i DID NOT do and make good grades off the bat because doing poorly in your Freshman/Sophmore years of college can hurt your future. These classes are even more important than your high school classes. Keep up the determination and good luck with your goals!

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Chris’s Answer

Hi - here are some stats from 2012 that might help you. I wanted to become a dentist as well if I wasn't an artist then I would pursue a dental career myself. You will need a college education, which can be expensive, but you should be able to pay back any student loans pretty fast with a dentist salary. I would start out as a dental hygienist and get professional experience before I would take the next steps. This will be less schooling and you will be able to feel it out if you like it or not. Also, dentist salary will depend on location.

Dentist Median pay (annual): 149,310 USD (2012)
Dentist Median pay (hourly): 71.79 USD (2012)
Entry level education: Doctoral or professional degree

thanak you sir Janaki M.