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What is the competition for Biomedical Engineering jobs in the state of Florida?

I want to go into biomedical engineering, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to find a job in Florida.
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3 answers

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Juan’s Answer

Hi, I have work in the Biomedical field for over 30 years. Is a very challenging career, at the same tine very personal rewarding. As an example, for the last 3 month we have being workings with hospital for over 400 ventilators, doing repairs, calibrations and installations. There are opportunities not only at the hospital, you can work with companies that sold medical equipment, third parties companies that do service to hospital and/or medical facilities. Also, the military have biomedical. The US Navy have to hospital ships, the Mercy and the Comfort and between both they have about 20-30 biomed"s. There are a lot of stuff you can do as a biomed, repair hospital equipment, installs, annual certification, being a trainer for others technician. Work as a consultant when they are going to buy new equipment, add facilities or being inspected by a government agency. Is a real good feeling when you can see a patient (from a baby to an adult) that is connected and/or treated with a medical device that you have repair, certified or maintained, and because the equipment is working properly, that life can be saved!

If you are good, and love what you are doing, you can show your value during your practice time, opening doors for opportunities. Hospitals and companies, not only in Florida are always looking for good biomeds.

Juan recommends the following next steps:

If you have a friend that is a Biomed, try to do a visit with him to the job site.

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PAUL’s Answer

think Of all the hospitals in your area or the US if your willing to travel. Each hospital can have as few as 4 Biomeds or big hospitals might have 10 or more with some being working managers or lead Biomeds. There are often openings at the bottom ( which is where you will start ) it’s the higher up positions ( specialty Equipment or management) that’s going to get competitive.

the answer lies within you .... biomedical engineer is a person who repairs medical Equipment. Very sick people and nurses depend on you to do a good job, be detail oriented, have integrity even when no one is watching.

There are plenty of bad biomeds in hospitals but if you can be passionate about repair and maintenance of much needed equipment instead of counting the minutes till lunch and be depended on to do a good job correctly then you will move up in this field eventually. There is lots of equipment to cover and they are always looking for good men to send to school on specialty areas like Dialysis,radiology, surgical equipment ... hope this helps

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Brittney’s Answer

Hi Carina,

In my opinion, jobs that are specifically Biomedical Engineering are difficult to find anywhere. A lot of times there will be Mechanical Engineers or other types of engineers that are more easily available. Biomedical Engineers do not only work at a hospital. There are some that do that work to repair devices and equipment at hospitals, but there are Biomedical Engineers in industry as well like myself. As long as there are medical device companies near you, you should be able to find a job that is within the field if you keep searching. Biomedical Engineers can range from a lot of different things, like prosthetics, tissue engineering, surgical robotics, drug delivery, etc.