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If I want to do research, is a degree in bioengineering necessary?

I'm interested in becoming a researcher in the field of biomedicine, but I'm not sure if I would need to get a BA or Master's in bioengineering in order to do that. #research #biomedical-engineering #biomedical-engineer #biomedical-science #bioengineering

i am also in the same confusion cause some websites suggest that biotechnology is required for research and others suggest various other courses. please do let us know about. if you can please recommend me some good colleges\universities hazel W.

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2 answers

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Castle’s Answer

It depends on the level at which you want to start working. There are certainly jobs out there in biomedical research for entry-level science majors with a BA/BS degree. A master's degree would allow you to start at a higher level and may give you a chance to lead projects (depending on the lab/company).

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Lorraine’s Answer

I agree with Castle, that it depends on the level or type of work you are pursuing. I am a clinical research associate for a pharma company. I have a BS in business and an AAS in clinical trials research from a community college. Often, completing a degree is a hurdle you must cross to prove you have staying power. Most companies / organizations will provide specific training. Conversely, for some fields, you are better to complete a specific program such as statistics, if for example you want to become a biostatistician.