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Posted on Jan 15, 2017

I want to be a biomedical researcher, specifically in the immuno-genetics field. I would prefer to be in California, because the Silicon Valley technology industry cooperates with medical research often. I would like to work at any major research company.

Context: Since middle school, I've developed a passion for science, specifically biology. I didn't know what field I wanted to go into as a career option until my dad told me about the boom of biomedical research and how important it is. I quickly became interested in the subject and researched specific fields, and I came across immuno-genetics, which interests me.
College: I am considering to go to a Univerisity of California branch, USC, or a different university that emphasizes scientific research. For my desired career, I would like to major in either biomedical science, because that specifically relates to the field of research I want to go into, or biochemistry, because that field also correlates to biomedicine and how we can use those discoveries to promote research.
Other Education: I am almost completely sure that I will go to graduate school to earn a master's degree in immunogenetics.
Activities: I am planning to apply for internships for high schoolers and universities near my home, as well as biomedical research companies. Once I turn 16, I will also be eligible to apply for summer biology programs, which I am interested in in order to learn more about my subject.
Job Experience: As I mentioned above, I am going to apply for an internship at several companies or university labs. I will get there by researching grad students or professors at local colleges who specialize in biomedical research, specifically immunogenetics, and research companies that accept high school interns.
Soft Skills: I believe that being proficient at writing is important for my career, because as a researcher, I will be publishing lots of lab reports on my findings. In addition, responsibility, diligence, patience, and carefulness are all critical to running experiments in the lab smoothly.
Hard Skills: I think that a hard skill to learn for a researcher's career is being able to expertly run experiments without harming or endangering anyone involved.
Other: N/A #biology #research #biomedical-science #laboratory

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