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Is biochemistry a good choice to major in for a bachelor's to become a pharmacologist?

I'm thinking about pursuing a career in pharmacology, but I'm not sure what the best major would be in order to become one. #medicine #pharmacy #biochemistry #pharmaceuticals #medicine-research #pharmacology

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Jaron’s Answer


Biochemistry is one of the essential areas in pharmacology, so if you can't find a pharmacology program, it would be strong foundation for pursuing graduate studies in pharmacology.

If you are still looking for schools to attend for undergrad, UC Santa Barbara has an B.S. in Pharmacology program and a accelerated, 5-year bachelor's/master's program in Pharmacology and Biotechnology: https://undergrad.biology.ucsb.edu/majors/pharmacology.

Thank you so much for your answer! I'm a sophomore in high school, so I do still have time to find a pharmacology program, but I will definitely use your advice. Katia D.

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