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Darshan R. May 05, 2016 538 views
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Emily S. May 15, 2016 806 views

What are some tips on learning a language?

I am getting a french minor, but only taking an hour long class three times a week doesn't help me much with learning the language. Is there any tips y'all have? So far I've tried some apps, watching films in french to see how much I know, and adding some french words in my everyday life....

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Kedric G. May 16, 2016 631 views

I have a Business Degree and wondering if I should get my Master's in Business as well?

Just want to know what is the benefits and disadvantages in getting a master degree in the same field that I have my bachelor degree in. I have a bachelor degree with a focus in management. #business #technology...


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Jesse U. May 17, 2016 578 views

What majors do you recommend that I take with Japanese if I want to be a translator?

I am graduating high school very soon and will be entering college after this summer. At this point, I plan to become a Japanese to English (or vice versa) translator, and I know that there are several options as to what I might take with my Japanese major. I have considered a Chinese minor,...

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Daniela O. May 17, 2016 603 views
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Ellena B. May 24, 2016 437 views

Where can I intern to prepare for a post-secondary teaching career?

I realize that being a college professor requires a lot of experience and I would like to accomplish that by interning somewhere or for someone that can prepare me for this career. #professor...


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Rushi M. May 25, 2016 469 views

How much "exploration" (time-wise and in terms of course-load) is enough to ensure that your intended major is the most suitable/'right' choice for you?

I currently go to Rutgers University (New Brunswick) and will be a rising second year student intending to major in Cell Bio and Neuroscience with a minor in Economics. I intend to follow the traditional pre-med track with a special focus on business. Being at Rutgers this first year, I...

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Quang N. May 25, 2016 414 views

How a PURE mathematician makes money?

I want to have a deeper visual about the life of a PURE mathematician such as how long will they spend time at the workforce? which things that they have to do? If they do not have any idea how to solve the problem they are pursuing, what can they do to make money during that period? Thanks....

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Karen P. Aug 13, 2016 839 views

How difficult is it to pursue a career in another country?

I am a high school student born and raised in the United States of America. Recently, I have been interested in possibly working abroad. I know there are many challenging factors to consider when looking to work internationally, but I would specifically like to know what they are exactly....

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Brittiany W. Oct 19, 2016 429 views

What kind of career opportunities are there for someone with a degree mathematics

i want to work in the math field and am courious...


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Nada D. Jan 02, 2017 631 views

What is the difference between a profit and non-profit university/college?

I have heard both terms but don't understand the significance behind them. I know that some scholarships only apply to schools if they are either profit or non-profit but I still don't understand why. Why is there such a difference? #college #university #higher-education #nonprofits...


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Trey D. Jan 04, 2017 1050 views

What is the best foreign language to learn in college?

I know a lot of companies are looking for dual language graduates; which would be the most worthwhile to learn? #college #jobs...


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Jackie G. Feb 06, 2017 329 views

How are classes organized in Europe?

Considering studying abroad in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Lithuania--how are classes run? Do classes have a list of assessments that grades are based off of, like in the US (quizzes, homework, exams)? #college...


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Nikki G. Feb 10, 2017 451 views

Is a second language a requirement for Accounting?

I have spanish as a second language....


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