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How do I sell my General Bachelor of Arts to future employers?

I am studying both German and Spanish right now in university. I know that language abilities are helpful to a variety of jobs, but if an employer isn't hiring a job that specifically asks for language skills, how to I make myself still seem applicable?

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3 answers

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Rob’s Answer

I was a German major in both undergraduate and graduate schools. You can talk about your languages and applicability in many ways.

Directly, you can talk about understanding the languages and cultures as well as an appreciation of cultural differences. Many industries are international and need culturally sensitive employees. You can also position the way that those languages give you a different way of looking at the world or problem-solving.

Indirectly, you can talk about the challenges of learning and how you overcame them. This can help demonstrate your perseverance as well how you approach tough situations. You can also play up the breadth of knowledge that you've gotten both through learning languages and having a general course of study. Look for jobs that are interdisciplinary or cross-functional. Through your general studies you can be the person who may not be a deep expert in a particular area but has some knowledge in a lot of areas.
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Jaron’s Answer


First, congratulations on working on your language skills. Second, it is important to develop your professional interests if they lie outside of careers directly related to languages (teaching, translation, interpretations). Think about any skills that you have developed from internships, volunteering, or study abroad and how they might relate to your future jobs. If you have used your language skills outside of the classroom, use those stories to show how you can work in multicultural settings or overcome interpersonal barriers.
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Rachel’s Answer

There are very few careers that would not be enhanced by your knowledge of a foreign language. Business, law, and medicine all make use of the Spanish language frequently. If you know this language, you will have an advantage and job opportunities that others in your field may not.

Also, your achievements in college are demonstrative of how you are a hard worker and teachable. These are the traits that many employers look for.