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How to improve my language level?

I am an international student and my mother language is not English neither French. And this really influences my grate and life. How to improve language efficiently? #language #language-skills #improve #personal-development

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Improving your fluency is all about making sure that you are using the language as much as possible. One easy way is to try to join study groups for classes that contain native speakers. If there are any language partner programs at your school or in your area, that is another way to practice outside of class time and get feedback on your progress. Another option is join any student or community groups in the area that interest you.

If your school has an resources for helping second language learners with writing, I would encourage you to use them as well.

Last updated Mar 20 '17 at 02:18 AM

Practice, practice, practice!

Make friends with native English speakers in your area and ask that they speak to you only in English so that you are forced to use English.

Watch movies and TV shows in English so you are exposed to different accents.

Be open to correction by native speakers but remember that not every English speaker is the same and there is a lot of variation between dialects and even between speakers.


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