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What is the best foreign language to learn in college?

I know a lot of companies are looking for dual language graduates; which would be the most worthwhile to learn? #college #jobs #foreign-languages

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There isn't really a right answer for that one. You should consider how you want to use your foreign language in the future, where you want to live, and also if your college has a decent program in the language or not. Try sampling a few languages in free online courses to get an idea of what clicks for you. Good luck in your studies!

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Dear Trey:

This question is hard to answer without knowing what your professional interests are. The language that is most useful is different in different contexts.

If you are interested in business or medicine, then Spanish would be a good language to master. If you want to work in international relations, then Arabic, Mandarin, or French might be strong options.

I would suggest research industries that you are interested in and see if there are any major international interests that are strong for that sector.

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As the face of international business changes, so do the languages used to communicate. Shifts in economic strength have certainly impacted the most popular languages used to communicate within international business, and it certainly has impacted the popularity of enrollments in second language courses in colleges and universities. Though it may be difficult to predict exactly how learning a second language will impact your overall earnings, there is little doubt that it does help to improve your overall employability.

  • Spanish

Spanish may well be the second-most commonly spoken language after English within the United States. For this reason, getting a good job within any customer service-related industry is almost certainly tied to your ability to speak Spanish. In fact, Spanish is without a doubt the most popular second language that's taught within the United States. However, supply and demand still applies to second languages. If you're in the running for a job and up against a large number of people who can also speak Spanish, this doesn't necessarily make your resume stand out. However, depending upon your career goals, Spanish is definitely a solid second language to learn in North America, since a large portion of the populations of North, Central and South America speak and use this language in communication. This language is undeniably becoming a popular world language. It is estimated that the ability to speak Spanish could come with a wage increase of about 1.7%.

  • French

As many Canadians are probably already aware, there are a large number of native French speakers residing right within North America in addition to a large number of French-speaking colonies worldwide. There are parts of Canada that use French as the primary language of communication, and for this reason, Canadians might particularly wish to learn French since it is a requirement of many jobs within the Canadian government. Additionally, France is a key player within the eurozone, with many representatives of the country holding key positions within the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations, NATO, UNESCO and a number of other international organizations. It is estimated that the ability to speak French could come with a wage increase of about 2.7%.

  • Mandarin

Recent years have seen China grow to become one of the world's largest trading nations. Along with this, the demand for Chinese-speaking businesspeople has also grown. Mandarin is the official and most widely spoken language within China, though there are also a number of other Chinese dialects that are also spoken within the country. Mandarin is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

  • Arabic

As the economic strength of the Middle East becomes more and more apparent, the demand for Arabic language skills has also increased. In fact, it is estimated that enrollments in Arabic language classes have increased by more than 100% in recent years. This is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is the native language of roughly 20 countries. Additionally, there is a shortage of people in North America who can speak Arabic, so skills in this language are in short supply.

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Chinese and Spanish but take Chinese if you have the chance

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