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Hercules G. May 04, 2016 602 views

What college course could military services give me?

I asked this question because I'm interested in the military #college #military...


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Allexis W. May 17, 2016 497 views

What kind of opportunities did you take to help further you in your career?

I know that you don't become successful in your life overnight and that you have to take risks sometimes to move up. So I would like to know what chances or risks helped you get to where you are now. #college #career #professional #career-counseling...


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Anna C. Aug 16, 2016 1513 views

What other careers involve studying history besides a teacher?

I love history. But, to be honest, I can't see myself as a teacher or anything like that. I also want a secure job, and I don't believe studying history will yield those results. Any advice?...


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Karen P. Aug 29, 2016 7200 views

Should I go on and take AP Spanish in high school?

I am a student going into my junior year of high school. This upcoming fall, I will start taking a Spanish IV Honors course for the whole year. Compared to Spanish I (which I took in middle school) and Spanish II (which I took my freshman year), Spanish III has been relatively harder. There is...

#ap #ap-spanish #language #spanish #foreign-languages #student #high-school-classes

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Rebekah R. Oct 27, 2016 409 views

Is becoming a foreign language teacher easier than becoming an English teacher?

I am interested in becoming a either a foreign language teacher or possibly teaching English and am wondering if there is a bigger process you must go through to teach a subject like Mathematics or Science than to be a foreign language teacher....


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Trey D. Jan 04, 2017 1085 views

What is the best foreign language to learn in college?

I know a lot of companies are looking for dual language graduates; which would be the most worthwhile to learn? #college #jobs...


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Paige O. Feb 22, 2017 695 views
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Mason M. Sep 01, 2017 437 views

If i'm planning on majoring in Russian Language, should I accompany it with a minor since it would better suite a job. For example, a major in Russian Language and a minor in Economics.

I'm asking because my passion for the Russian language, culture and country is beyond the surface. Ive internalized the Russian spirit. Where I find it difficult is what job could solely a Russian major achieve. To accompany it with a Economics would seem more logical. I have also thought of a...

#russian #foreign-languages #orthodoxy

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Ambrojhae J. Sep 01, 2017 546 views

Whats it like going back to get a second bachelors degree over a masters?

Decided to go back to school for another bachelors degree. But this time its in something I actually feel passionate about. #back17 #fmrt #secondbachelors #college #academic-advising...


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Morgan P. Oct 10, 2017 438 views

How can you be an advocate for ELLs?

I am a recent Michigan State University Elementary Education graduate with a minor in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages). I might have a future in the field of ELL/ESL teaching. #ell #esl #esl-teaching #teaching-english-as-a-second-language-tefl #teaching...

#language-teaching #foreign-languages #english-as-a-second-language

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Abby L. Nov 23, 2017 858 views

Is college as strict as people say it is?

My high school teachers play the fear mongering card every time we incorrectly staple something or use a purple vs a blue or black pen. Will this result in a terrible punishment in college as all my teachers say? #college #college-advice ##college...


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Deshawn H. Dec 18, 2017 485 views

Does the Air Force or Army provide more computer based careers?

Hello, I'm wondering which branch of service provides more computer-based jobs once you enter. As I am considering joining the military I want to know which branch provides the more computer-based careers. Please detail to me the quality of the computer careers available and the chances of...

#computer-software #army #air-force #military #computers

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Daeja S. Mar 19, 2018 355 views

Is it possible to still get into a good college if you have Cs and below or under a 3.0

Because this is literally me rn, the struggle is SO real. Also, I'm in 11th grade so I wanna know if its already too late and I should fling myself into the sun, or if I still have time. #higher-education #gpa...