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Patterson, California

Within 40 mile radius
Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jul 03 298 views

As a 14-year-old, how do you get your work permit?

I just want to get busy in the summer as a 14-year-old!!

Halani’s Avatar
Halani Jun 27 198 views

How do I change my major if im not interested in it anymore?

I heard alot of people change majors but how do i do it if i want my major changed?

Halani’s Avatar
Halani Jun 27 261 views

Whats your best advice for the incoming freshman students?

Since im going to college its kind of scary thinking about everything. Whats some good advice you can give me to stay on my toes

Halani’s Avatar
Halani Jun 27 280 views

Whats your best studying tips for late night study sessions?

Many people have healthy study habits i need some need ideas so i can study longer and actually understand my work

Jonah’s Avatar
Jonah May 02 273 views

What is the biggest fear of your future success?

Tell me what challenges you feel you are going to face and the adversity you are going to have to overcome that follow along with your career path.

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Apr 22 878 views

How to start a career in accounting ?

How to start a career in accounting ?

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Apr 18 542 views

best course for 2024 ?

what is the best course can i take and learn new skills

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Apr 15 559 views

what can i do

I am currently a cyber securitist in college with a discipline in tiktok Experience. Initially I was a selling things across the street, but i think im tired of it now. please what an i do

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Jan 31 788 views

How do you know when you have a good job?

When you are searching for jobs how are you able to determine that you've found the correct job that suits you or how do you look for the job that you believe would suit you best

chris’s Avatar
chris Nov 17, 2023 639 views

how can i stay focused on school work ?

i have trouble staying focuesd on school work

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Nov 11, 2023 1382 views

Is high school hard?

Next year I be starting high school.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Nov 09, 2023 402 views

What is the best way to find out what you are passionate about, in order to choose the best possible major/career for my future?

I am interested in a medical career, but I am not sure what I am interested in being.

Emilia’s Avatar
Emilia Nov 03, 2023 293 views

What is the first step to going in to med school?

I don't understand what I am supposed to to once i get into collage to go to med-school.

Alyna’s Avatar
Alyna Nov 03, 2023 267 views

What do I need to do?

What do I need to do to become a Registered Nurse? What class do I need to take? What challenges may I face?

Aliya’s Avatar
Aliya Nov 03, 2023 2025 views

What are some different ways that I can overcome challenges and struggles in life ?

As a high school student there are different challenges that I come across, but what are some different ways that I may be able to approach them?
Would you say that some challenges shape the way you are now as a person?

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