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Is becoming a foreign language teacher easier than becoming an English teacher?

I am interested in becoming a either a foreign language teacher or possibly teaching English and am wondering if there is a bigger process you must go through to teach a subject like Mathematics or Science than to be a foreign language teacher. #foreign-languages

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To be a teacher of any sort you will follow the same path, for the most part. Teaching a foreign language is just like teaching any other school subject, the difference being that instead of being knowledgeable in Calculus, for example, you will have to be knowledgeable about French or Spanish or whatever language you choose. Requirements vary from state to state and school district to school district and maybe even from school to school. Some will require a bachelor's degree in the field you want to teach with a teaching certificate other will require a master's degree in the field but not a teaching certificate. It will also depend on the level at which you wish to teach. For example, college professors in general will require a PhD.


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To teach in a HS you'll have similar requirements regarding the education.... BA and credential at least. Depending on the language you might consider that English is taught everywhere in the US, but depending on the language you might have to look around for an available position.

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