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If i'm planning on majoring in Russian Language, should I accompany it with a minor since it would better suite a job. For example, a major in Russian Language and a minor in Economics.

I'm asking because my passion for the Russian language, culture and country is beyond the surface. Ive internalized the Russian spirit. Where I find it difficult is what job could solely a Russian major achieve. To accompany it with a Economics would seem more logical. I have also thought of a Religious Studies minor since I am Catholic (Eastern Orthodox at heart and will convert).


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I'm a linguaphile at heart as well. I double-majored in Spanish/French and double-minored in English/History and managed to land a job right out of college where they were willing to teach me everything I needed to know about the Information Technology field, but I lucked out with that. Most companies want you to already have skills in that subject, so honestly, I would recommend doing a double-major in Russian and Economics instead. A minor is nice, but a minor doesn't give you nearly enough experience for employers to take it seriously. It'll add to your course load, but it'll pay off when you graduate. Strong Skill + Fluency in a Global Language = Top Candidate. Even if you don't want to major in Economics, pair it with something strong, but fairly flexible like International Business and you'll be well on your way to being snapped up by employers.
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Yes, absolutely. I've been around many language majors in my career, it is almost always the case that the language is an additional skill to the actual career, rather than the career itself. You should consider a minor, or even a second major. Take the time to do college right, once you're out it'll be hard to go back.

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