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Daeja S. Mar 19, 2018 403 views

How do I follow my passions with parents who don't support them?

O.k so I love drawing, the marijuana industry, and farming to my CORE! I wanna learn more about them and make a career around it but my parent won't support me if I do these things. Should I study them in secret or just do it anyway? #drawing #art #marijuana #agriculture #parenting...


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Daeja S. Mar 19, 2018 356 views

Is it possible to still get into a good college if you have Cs and below or under a 3.0

Because this is literally me rn, the struggle is SO real. Also, I'm in 11th grade so I wanna know if its already too late and I should fling myself into the sun, or if I still have time. #higher-education #gpa...