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Are degrees earned in America accepted in other countries?

Specifically, I’m going to earn a bachelors in #biology, and I️ was just wondering if there’s a listen if countries it’s accepted or not accepted? #college #international #working-abroad

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3 answers

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Jaron’s Answer

Generally, credentials from any university are accepted in other countries as long as the university was legally allowed to operate in its home country and was recognized by the authority that certifies higher education. For the US, people generally accept credentials from a university accredited by an organization recognized by the Department of Education. However, if you know where you plan to work abroad, it might help to learn what US universities are well known in your field. Even if you have solid credentials, it helps to attend a university that people are familiar with as it will give you an advantage in the applicant pool. Also, remember that many companies will require you to have your credentials evaluated by an international credential evaluation organization to ensure they are the equivalent of the requirements in their country. This evaluation may also be required for your visa application.

Jaron recommends the following next steps:

Learn about the credentials evaluation process in those countries.
Learn about US universities that are well known in the countries where you want to work.

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Angela’s Answer

Good questions! I think it really depends on the companies and the countries. A lot of the companies will ask you to provide graduation certificates for their background check. Their background-check vendor will verify your degree. While sometimes, they will ask you to provide other documents that can prove your degree. (You can usually get those documents from the government)

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Rohit’s Answer

Hi there,

Typically, degrees earned from American universities/colleges are recognized in another country.

If you are an American citizen and applying for the course in an American university/college, it should be easy for you to apply for jobs in other countries with the degree earned. Some universities/colleges have exchange programs with another university in another country . You could do your research around this if you are keen for specific countries.