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How did you go about becoming a biotechnologist?

I'm a sophomore in high school and am interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology, but I'm not sure that the prerequisites are for tha field. #biotechnology #biotech

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2 answers

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Christos’s Answer

Hi Katia,
I'm happy that you are interested in a career in the biotechnology industry! First you have ask yourself do you want to be a scientist or an engineer? Do you like biology and chemistry more or physics? Do you want to make better drugs like cancer fighting drugs or do you want to build things to help people like a robot arm for someone who has lost theirs?

Typically you will need at least an undergraduate degree from a university in the field of biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biology, chemistry or other similar fields. Since you are a sophomore in high school you should focus on doing well in your classes and researching undergraduate degrees at universities to see what grades/extracurricular/teacher recommendations they need.

Talk to your school counselor if you can and reach out to family friends that are already in the industry.


Thank you for your answer! Katia D.

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Jennifer’s Answer

I would research the biotech firms in your area, then call their HR lines and ask if they are having or participating in any career fairs or student outreach programs, and I would attend them. I would also look at their job listings and find those you like, and look at the requirements. I would try to meet the people that work at these companies and ask them what they studied and which universities they went to. I hope this helps!

Thank you for your answer! That definitely helped me narrow down my process. Katia D.