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I'm considering a career in biomedical engineering but I have heard a little bit about biomathmatics. Is it possible to integrate biomathmatics into a BME career?

I've always been good at math and science. I participated in Moody's Math Challenge last year and really enjoyed the experience. Math comes easy to me. I enjoy adding science into the equation as well as science fascinates me but I find it more challenging, therefore I want to find a career that will incorporate my love for both math and science. Innovation is important to me, so I would love to find the correct path of using data and science in a career that drives innovation. #mathematics #bioengineering #bioinformatics #data-science

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2 answers

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Oluwaseun Rita’s Answer

From my experience, the field of engineering involves lots of mathematics. Working in the biomedical engineering field is very broad, a lot of companies have a very focused mission. There are a vast variety of concentrations Bioinstrumentation. Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering, Clinical Engineering. Medical Imaging, Orthopedic Bioengineering. Rehabilitation Engineering, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and there are more. Researching different companies and finding a concentration that will be useful to different companies will be a great advantage. Just recently graduating in the past 26 months, I believe involving mathematics, computer science, or programming will make you very "marketable" in the industry after you graduate. I hope this help, best of luck!

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Rajalakshmi’s Answer

Mathematics has been always applied to engineering and physics. It makes good sense to integrate mathematical biology to the biological systems. All the best!