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If I were to become a bio engineer what kind of jobs would be available? Could I work in a hospital and still make a lot of money?

Updated Chicago, Illinois

I am currently a high school senior who is planning on majoring in bio engineering in the fall. #engineer #bioengineering #science #hospital-and-health-care #engineering

3 answers

Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas
As with previous answers, the choice is yours. Begin college with a double major in biology/pre-med and mechanical engineering. You will be VERY busy, so don't plan on leading the cheerleading squad. While you are in school, try to locate bioengineering firms where you could intern. This will help you get connected to those who do the hiring. Study hard, but retain imagination. Any good engineer imagines what can work and then sets about building something that will do the job.

Luis "Lou"’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida
Biomedical engineers don't tycally work at hospitals Biomed techs do. I Biomed tech manages and repairs all the medical equipment at a hospital, like infusion pumps, heart monitors, respirators, etc. Biomedical engineers design and build such equipment. They work for companies like GE Healthcare, Baxter, Philips, Siemens that design and make all this equipment. As a bio eng. you'll work in an office or lab. Deb Pahl on her response to you told you what a typical Bio tech makes. Bio Eng pays a bit more. If you want to work IN a hospital, a Bio Tech job will get you there. But if money is what you seek, you have to become an M.D. or a drug rep.

Deb’s Answer

Updated Franklin, Indiana
Annual salary if work in hospital on average is around $65.500. They repair the equipment that we use on our patients. If we have a problem with an IV pump for example, we will send it down to biomes for repair. They also have to test all their equipment annually to meet certification requirements. A very important in the hospital!